What Products Do You Need For Box Braids: Here it is

Braiding Gel or Wax

I’ve always admired the look of box braids and have been itching to try them myself. But one thing that kept me hesitant was not knowing what products I would need for the process. Box braids require a specific set of products to ensure that the braids are not only stylish but also protected and healthy. In this article, I will share the essential products you need for achieving flawless box braids, from prepping your hair to maintaining them throughout its lifespan. So if you’re like me and want to finally rock those gorgeous box braids, stay tuned for all the tips and product recommendations.This is an amazing article On How Much For Medium Box Braids: Average Price Range Check it out for all of the details.

Shampoo and Conditioner

1. Moisturizing Shampoo

When it comes to maintaining healthy and hydrated hair, a moisturizing shampoo plays a crucial role. Box braids require regular washing to prevent product buildup and keep your scalp clean. A moisturizing shampoo not only cleanses your hair and scalp but also helps to retain moisture, promoting the health of your natural hair underneath the braids. Look for shampoos that are specifically formulated for dry or damaged hair, as they tend to be more moisturizing and gentle.

2. Detangling Conditioner

Detangling can be a tedious task, especially when you have box braids. It’s important to invest in a good detangling conditioner that helps to smooth out the knots and tangles in your hair, making the braiding process easier. A detangling conditioner not only reduces breakage but also adds moisture, making your hair more manageable. Look for conditioners that contain ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, or argan oil, as these provide excellent hydration and nourishment for your hair.

3. Clarifying Shampoo

While moisturizing shampoos are great for hydration, it’s also important to include a clarifying shampoo in your box braid care routine. A clarifying shampoo helps to remove any residual product buildup, dirt, or oils that may accumulate on your scalp and hair over time. This type of shampoo deep cleanses your hair, leaving it feeling fresh and revitalized. Using a clarifying shampoo every few weeks or as needed will ensure that your scalp remains healthy and your box braids stay looking their best.

Hair Extensions

Kanekalon Hair

Kanekalon hair is a popular choice for box braids due to its synthetic nature. Made from a type of synthetic fiber, this hair is lightweight and durable, making it easy to install and maintain. Kanekalon hair is also heat-resistant, allowing you to use styling tools like curling irons or flat irons to customize your box braid look. With a wide range of colors available, you can get creative and experiment with different styles and shades.

4. Marley Hair

Image Hair Extensions long
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If you prefer a more natural look, Marley’s hair is an excellent option for box braids. This hair is typically made from low-density synthetic fibers that mimic the texture and appearance of natural Afro-textured hair. Marley’s hair provides the perfect foundation for achieving chunky, full-bodied box braids that closely resemble your natural hair. It blends seamlessly with your hair, giving you a natural-looking and voluminous style.

5. Yaki Hair

For those who desire a sleek and smooth finish to their box braids, Yaki hair is a great choice. This type of hair closely resembles naturally textured hair that has been relaxed or straightened. Yaki hair creates a polished and straight appearance, making it ideal for achieving a more refined and glamorous look. Its versatility allows you to experiment with different braiding techniques and styles, ranging from classic to more intricate designs.

6. Edge Control and Gel

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Edge Control

When it comes to maintaining clean and sleek edges for your box braids, edge control is a must-have product. Edge control gels or creams are specially formulated to tame and keep your baby hairs and flyaways in place. They provide long-lasting hold without causing flakiness or weighing down your hair. When applying edge control, use a soft brush or toothbrush to smooth the product along your edges, ensuring a polished look that complements your box braids.


Gel is another useful product when it comes to styling your box braids. It helps to define and hold your braids in place for a neat and finished appearance. Look for gels that are non-drying and provide a strong hold without causing stiffness. Gels come in various formulations, such as clear or colored, so you can choose the one that best matches your hair color or desired style. Applying gel to your box braids can add shine and ensure that your braids stay in place throughout the day.

9. Wide-Tooth Comb and Detangling Brush

Wide-Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb is an essential tool for maintaining your box braids. It helps to untangle any knots or snags gently, without causing breakage or damage to your hair. The wide spacing between the teeth of the comb allows it to glide through your braids smoothly, minimizing the risk of pulling or snagging. To avoid unnecessary frizz or fuzziness, it’s best to use a wide-tooth comb when your hair is damp or moisturized.

10. Detangling Brush

In addition to a wide-tooth comb, a detangling brush can also be beneficial for managing your box braids. Designed with flexible bristles or widely spaced teeth, a detangling brush gently detangles your hair and helps to distribute products evenly. This brush is especially useful when you need to detangle larger sections of your braids quickly. When using a detangling brush, start from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots to prevent any unnecessary breakage.

1. Hair Clips and Hair Ties

Hair Clips

Hair clips are versatile tools that can assist in various aspects of your box braid journey. They are helpful during the installation process, allowing you to section your hair efficiently. Hair clips also come in handy when styling your box braids, holding small sections in place and ensuring precise braiding. Choose hair clips that are sturdy and have a tight grip to hold your hair securely without causing any damage or slippage.

Hair Ties

Hair ties are essential for securing your braids and keeping them tidy and neat. They come in various forms, such as elastic bands or scrunchies, allowing you to choose what works best for your hair type and desired style. When using hair ties, be gentle to avoid pulling or causing tension on your braids. Opt for hair ties that are made of fabric or have a smooth surface to minimize any potential damage or breakage.

11. Braiding Gel or Wax

What Products Do You Need For Box Braids

Braiding Gel

Braiding gel is a helpful product for creating sleek and smooth box braids. It provides a strong hold and helps to keep your braids in place, minimizing frizz and flyaways. Braiding gel also adds luster and shine to your braids, giving them a polished and finished appearance. Look for gels that are non-greasy and lightweight to avoid any excessive product buildup on your scalp.

Braiding Wax

Braiding wax is an alternative to braiding gel and offers similar benefits. It provides a firm hold and helps to maintain the longevity of your box braids. Braiding wax is particularly useful if you have thicker or coarser hair, as it helps to keep your braids secure and resistant to unraveling. It’s important to apply braiding wax sparingly, as using too much can weigh down your hair and make it feel sticky.

12. Hair Moisturizer

Leave-In Conditioner

Hair moisturizers, such as leave-in conditioners, are essential for maintaining the health and hydration of your natural hair while wearing box braids. Leave-in conditioners provide long-lasting moisture and prevent your hair from becoming dry or brittle. They also help to minimize frizz and promote a more defined and well-moisturized braid pattern. Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair before braiding, focusing on the ends and any exposed natural hair.

Hair Oil

Hair oils are excellent for nourishing and moisturizing your scalp and hair, especially when it’s protected by box braids. Oils like coconut oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil provide essential nutrients and hydration, promoting hair growth and preventing breakage. Applying oil to your scalp and braids helps to soothe any itchiness or dryness that may occur. Remember to use oil sparingly to avoid excessive buildup and greasiness, and focus on massaging it into your scalp for maximum benefits.

13. Spray Bottle


A spray bottle filled with water is a simple yet powerful tool for maintaining your box braids. Spritzing your braids with water helps to refresh and hydrate them, especially on hot or dry days. Water also helps to reactivate any leave-in conditioner or moisturizer you’ve applied, providing extra moisture to your hair and scalp. Keep a spray bottle handy and mist your braids whenever they feel dry or need a quick pick-me-up.

14. Mixtures and Sprays

Aside from water, you can create your own mixtures or sprays to further enhance the health and appearance of your box braids. Some popular mixtures include aloe vera juice, essential oils, or DIY refresher sprays containing water and your preferred moisturizing ingredients. These mixtures can provide additional moisture and nourishment to your braids, allowing you to customize your care routine according to your hair’s needs.

15. Heat Protectant

When you want to switch up your box braid style by adding heat, a heat protectant spray is essential. Heat protectants create a barrier between your hair and styling tools, minimizing the potential damage caused by heat. Spray a heat protectant onto your braids before using any heat-styling tools, such as curling irons or flat irons. This extra step will help to protect your hair from excessive heat and maintain its strength and integrity.

16. Scissors

Hair Cutting Scissors

Having a pair of hair-cutting scissors is important for maintaining your box braids. Trimming any split ends or frayed strands can keep your braids looking fresh and prevent them from unraveling. However, it’s crucial to use hair-cutting scissors specifically designed for this purpose, as regular scissors can cause damage and uneven cuts. Invest in a high-quality pair of hair-cutting scissors and practice proper trimming techniques to ensure the longevity of your box braids.

In conclusion, maintaining box braids involves investing in the right products and tools for proper care. From moisturizing shampoos and detangling conditioners to edge-control gels and wide-tooth combs, each product serves a specific purpose in helping you achieve and maintain beautiful box braids. Remember to listen to your hair’s needs and adjust your routine accordingly, as individual hair types and preferences may vary. With the right products and a consistent hair care routine, you can enjoy stunning box braids that showcase your unique style and promote healthy hair growth.We wrote this article on How Much Are Box Braids With Extensions: Real Cost Check it out for all of the details.

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