My Unforgettable Experience at Adel Atelier Salon: A Personal Review

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Are you prepared to travel the world of fashion, luxury, and unmatched haircare experiences? Only the Adel Atelier Salon in NYC will do! I’m excited to share my remarkable experience at this little-known attraction right in the middle of the city in this blog post. I could tell right away that something spectacular was about to happen the moment I entered the salon. Prepare to have your senses delighted and to have all of your hair fantasies come true as we explore every fascinating element of my personal review together.This is an amazing article On My take on the Bird House NYC Services Check it out for all of the details.

Appointment at the NYC Adel Atelier Salon

For months, I’ve been meaning to get a haircut. I was finally able to schedule a consultation at Adel Atelier Salon NYC. I was treated like a VIP the instant I entered. The staff was amiable and helpful. Adel, my hairdresser, was incredibly skilled and competent. He paid attention to my requests and provided me with everything I required. The whole thing was delightful and peaceful. I’ll most definitely return!Related Post The best Hair Salon in New York, Usa Follow the link to check it out

What Sort of Services Did I Get?

The variety of services provided at Adel Atelier Salon NYC amazed me. They performed a fantastic job on my haircut, color, and blowout. The stylist spent time discussing my preferences and all of the available options with me. Then, he gave me the precise haircut I desired, and the color was stunning. My hair looked beautiful and bouncy after the blowout, and it lasted for days. I was pretty pleased with the encounter and will definitely return!

Adel Atelier Salon NYC also provides a range of treatments, such as conditioning and profoundly nourishing oil treatments, in addition to the aforementioned services. Additionally, they offer scalp massages, styling, curling services, and facial waxing.

How Good Was the Service Quality?

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At Adel Atelier Salon NYC, the level of service was flawless. I was treated like a VIP the instant I entered. The staff made sure I was at ease throughout my entire visit and was really friendly and accommodating. They took care of everything, offering me a robe and pair of slippers and even massaging my shoulders as I got my hair shampooed. My stylist was highly attentive to my needs and very professional. She took her time and made sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Better experience than I could have hoped for!

Overall, Adel Atelier Salon NYC provides exceptional customer service. In my opinion, they are a top choice for anyone seeking a top-notch hair salon experience.

Address and Place

NYC is a beautiful city. There is always something to see, do, or eat. I also feel at home in New York, despite not being a native. As a result, when I learned about Adel Atelier Salon NYC, I knew I had to visit.

4.435 Google reviews

Hair salon in New York City, New York

Address: 231 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022, United States


Saturday9 am–6 pm
Tuesday9 am–7 pm
Wednesday9 am–7 pm
Thursday9 am–7 pm
Friday10 am–6 pm

Phone: +1 917-257-9080

The salon provides a range of treatments, including skincare, cosmetics, and hair color and cuts. I made the decision to get my hair blow-dried and wear makeup. Katie, my stylist, was fantastic. She made me feel special and listened to what I desired.

My makeup looked immaculate, and the blowout lasted the entire day. Thanks to Adel Atelier Salon NYC, I got many compliments on how I looked. This is the place to go if you ever need a beauty pick-me-up!We wrote this article on My Honest Review of Butterfly Studio Salon NYC Check it out for all of the details.

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