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Author of Big Hair Care

Humaira Ghulam is a hair care expert and helps and teaches people by writing blogs and providing information about hair care tools. Humaira has gained her expertise through years of dedicated research, hands-on experimentation, and a thorough understanding of various hair types and textures. She has made it her mission to confront the particular difficulties and concerns people face when it comes to hair care. Her blogs serve as a trusted go-to destination, offering a treasure trove of hair care wisdom. She covers it all, from simple yet effective everyday tips to specialized techniques tailored to specific hair types.

Apart from hair care specialization, you can rely on her to get evidence based practice for speech and language disorders. She is speech language pathologist and can manage speech, communication problems effectively.
She focus in writing commercial content, industry specific content, beauty and self care tips and also psychology based articles. Linkin Profile.

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